Dutch Resistance: Orange Shall Overcome! expansion
A co-operative scenario based pick-up-and-deliver game for 1-5 players about resistance during the Second World War in the Netherlands.  I was the graphic and visual designer for the Expansion project and it's successful Kickstarter Campaign. I am thrilled to be part of this game, which is based on real historic events and stories of real people.

I worked on many tasks of the game, icon design, board design, card design, game box design, rulebook, 3D meeples design & game setup rendering, creating Kickstarter & marketing images and more.

Board game design is one of my favourite fields to work on. As a versatile designer I can work on 2D and 3D sides of a game and also marketing campaigns of the game. Creating for print and production as well as digital and presentation tasks is what I love about it.

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