Hello, I'm Gamze Derinöz.
I am an all round designer based in London. I am also the proud co-founder and lead designer of Ballonet Socks (est. 2012).
I have an international outlook and try to expand my vision through professional experiences around the world. So far I lived and worked in creative cities like Hong Kong, Berlin, Istanbul and London. Not limited to those cities I also attended events, competitions and workshops in countries like Sweden, Netherlands, Italy and the U.S.A.
I approach design from both an artistic and technical perspective. And I also like to cross between boundaries of design fields. I like to work both on 3D as well as 2D design projects.
I have a deep level of experience of 15+ years in product and graphic design across a range of industries. This allows me to have a wider range of inspirations, wider range of creativity and of course wider range of technical skills.
Some examples of my broad range of projects include wayfinding design, graphic design, furniture design, and lighting product design. My work been showcased in magazines, newspapers and on TV shows. And my colourful, playful Ballonet Socks’ designs are worn by fans around the world.​​​​​​​
Feel free to say hi and drop drop me a message on info@gamzederinoz.com.